About the venue

The regatta venue is located in a unique place. Trakai city and its surrounding areas are listed as a UNESCO Historical Heritage Site. The rowing course is located on a natural lake, Lake Galve. The regatta venue and Rowing Centre provides world class facilities for competitors and spectators:

  • 8 lane rowing course
  • Finish tower
  • Boathouse
  • Grandstands
  • Hotel Conference Hall
  • Fitness Room
  • Showers and Sauna
  • Café

Timetable (as is for 17th August)

Friday, 17th August (Heats)

Friday, 17th August (Finals)

Saturday, 18th August (Heats)

Updated: Saturday, 18th August (Finals)

Saturday, 18 August (Masters)

Updated: Sunday, 19th August (Heats)

Updated: Sunday, 19th August (Finals)