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Regatta results can be found here! See You all next Year!

Provisional timetable

Detailed timetable as is for 25th June

Friday (28th June):
➢ 12:00 team managers meeting;
➢ 15:00 Heats, qualification to Saturday finals. If event will have less than 8 crews participating race for lanes will be organized and is mandatory for teams willing to race on Saturday. No race for lanes will be organized on Sunday.

Saturday (29th June):
➢ 14:00 finals (A, B, or C if event has more than 18 crews);
➢ 18:00 Masters’ finals, distance – 1000 meters.

Sunday (30th June):
➢ 09:30 Heats, qualification to Finals (A or B final if event has more than 18 crews);
➢ 13:00 Finals A or B.


Entries deadline

Entries registration has been closed.

Entries by event

Crew change form can be downloaded here

Amber oars 2018

2018 amber oars results can be found here

Other events

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2019 LIKF Sprint (250 m)

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